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Pleased to meet you.

The Piano Works is a full service piano shop specializing in high quality restorations of vintage pianos.


The Piano Works tunes, does repairs of any type, rebuilds as well as refinishes any type or size piano. We are responsible for maintaining the pianos in hundreds of homes as well as in ten school districts and over 80 churches in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. We have restored several hundred pianos throughout the United States and have also had much experience in the restoration of rare automated musical instruments such as Mills Violanos, Nickelodeons, and Orchestrions. The Piano Works sells fine, restored pianos, with several of their restored instruments in museums and two Presidential libraries!


Piano technicians John and Carol Bailey established The Piano Works in 1980 as a family owned business. The piano shop is directly behind their Victorian home where they raised their four children. John and Carol enjoy a fine reputation as excellent piano technicians and restorers. No matter your piano need or question, The Piano Works is ready and able to help with the right answer for you! 


The dictionary defines a Craftsman as skilled and adept trade worker that uses hand tools, power tools and automated machinery in their daily work. They may spend years perfecting their craft and can be a jack-of-all-trades or highly specialized in their knowledge and abilities.

Pianos are our career, yes, but pianos are our passion. If you know John Bailey you know that he has loves what he does. John’s deep abiding love for all things piano makes him a true Craftsman. Give us a call and let us show you what we mean!

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