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Most pianos need tuning at least once per year depending on their use and storage. John Bailey has been tuning pianos now for over 40 years. He is an aural tuner, which means he uses only his ears in the tuning of the instrument. He does not tune to a “box” or use any artificial methods to hear his work. He served two separate apprenticeships and tuned pianos for Bowling Green State University for several years. His knowledge of pianos and their history is unmatched in the area and he is at your service, no matter the need of your piano! We service homes, schools, churches and institutions with a wide variety of service and maintenance issues. We service 10 school districts, over 80 churches and hundreds of residential customers each year. We offer both day and evening appointments and we can generally get you scheduled within two weeks, so give us a call today! We are here for you!


Your hobby,Our craft.


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