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If you’ve been looking for a way to learn the craft of piano technology then we’re sure you know that there isn’t a lot of choice out there. There are just a few schools and they’re expensive AND they recommend that you serve an apprenticeship when you’ve completed the course work. There are some mail order classes, but let’s be honest. Can you really learn to tune pianos and technique while watching a video? The answer is no. So where does one go to actually learn this craft?


The Piano Works offers 3 programs and apprenticeships in various areas of piano technology. You may take these classes individually or simultaneously. The classes are all hands on and in the work field. When finished with a class you will be prepared to do that particular job in your chosen piano field. Length of the course depends in part on you and your ability to learn the necessary functions of the field.


Basic Tuning, Regulation and Repair approximately 18 months: Learning to tune is an art itself. There is technique, there is order and there is ear training. Lots of it. Along with tuning, there is basic repair that is very hands on. In order to run a successful piano tuning business, you must know both repair and tuning or you can get in very deep, very quickly. We teach you these things and since we are a working shop, you learn hands on how to attack any repairs that arise.


Vertical and Grand Restoration 18 months to 2 years: How do you know when a piano is ready for restoration? And then, how do you proceed. In this class you will learn how to restore both a vertical and a grand piano from the ground up. You’ll learn to completely dismantle and reassemble your own piano, cutting and fitting pinplanks, resurfacing the plate, restring, replace the action, replace or restore the damper system, do key work, and so many other things. For graduation you will have completely restored a piano of your own when you’re finished. You can keep it to enjoy or sell it and recoup your class expense.


Piano Refinishing 6 months to 1 year: This is very self explanatory. In this class you will learn to refinish with that famous “piano finish”. Learn time tested methods of stripping, washing, bleaching, staining, sealing, filling, spraying, and hand rubbing. Use this class to widen your piano restoration prospects, giving you a ‘leg up’ on your competition ( most piano technicians can not refinish) or refinish wood in any application. Please call or email for a brochure and more information.

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Piano Technology

Your hobby,Our craft.

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