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Our Work

The Piano Works has been honored to have worked on many wonderful and interesting pianos over the past several decades. We have restored pianos throughout the US in churches, homes and museums. We have had the privilege of restoring two presidential pianos. The first located in the Rutherford B Hayes home, Fremont, Ohio and the second in the Warren G Harding Presidential Museum and Library in Marion, Ohio. We have restored instruments for several museums as well as the pianos of both David Copperfield the magician and the piano from the Playboy mansion which belonged to Hugh Hefner! And while those are very special and ‘fun’ pianos to have restored, the joy our business brings us is serving you, the pianists that make the world turn, the church musicians, piano teachers, students and all of you that just love to sit at a well maintained piano that is a very special piece of your lives. You, our customers are why we do what we do! Thank you!

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