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In short, to restore a piano is to take the instrument back to its' glory days, to completely rebuild the instrument from the ground up as a new piano, or ‘restoring’ it to original condition. This involves completely dismantling the instrument while taking great care to note the old original measurements. Is your piano a candidate for restoration? See “Is your piano a candidate for restoration?” to read more about that.


We replace all the worn parts and strings with new. We replace and drill the pin plank and restring the instrument. While the piano is disassembled, we repair or replace the soundboard and finish it, replacing the decal. The cast iron plate is resurfaced. We repair any bridges that may be damaged. The action parts get totally replaced and the keys and keybed receive many new parts, felt and any repair necessary. We also install new keysets if necessary.


Our attention turns to the entire trap work system where all is releathered, refelted or replaced. Damper heads are cleaned or refinished and new damper felt is installed. Reassembly, voicing and regulation complete the restoration. All is done to make the piano play and sing as it was originally designed to do at its' manufacture.


Many times restoration also includes refinishing the case to its' original beauty, with the ever admired, smooth as glass "piano finish." If you think that you may want to have the piano refinished somewhere down the road, now is the time. Refinishing the piano during the restoration process is highly recommended for several reasons. First, refinishing ‘completes’ the job. Secondly, it adds real dollar value to the instrument, and thirdly, it is just easier and less costly because the instrument is already in pieces. (Less risk of damage too! Click on "The Refinishing Process" to read more about on that.)


Restoring a piano is a very intricate and detailed process. It involves
many individual steps to be taken, each requiring a high level of accuracy and craftsmanship.There are but a small handful of technicians that can handle the demands of a quality restoration and The Piano Works is one of them. Restoration returns the piano to what it once was, many times making it even better, thanks to the improved technology available in the manufacture of today's action parts.


Your hobby,Our craft.

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